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色皇洛可肏翻幼齒妹 12

Rocco Siffredi , Lady Dee , Katrin Tequila , Jessica Lincoln

Rocco's Psycho Teens 12 <i>Rocco's Psycho Teens 12</i> features feisty, sex-crazed nymphs that love seducing older men into lewd encounters. Director Rocco Siffredi delivers crazy pussy fucking sessions and decadent anal reaming, with outrageous cuties in every scene. Married stud Vinny Star falls for adorable Alecia Fox. The all-natural sweetheart fondles her slit as she rides Vinny's rod, and she eats her juice from his thick, throbbing tool. Slim, long-legged blonde Katrin Tequila joins Lutro in a wild, one-on-one fuck session ... with voyeurs: Two guys jerk off as they watch Lutro sodomize the stunning girl, and then all of them cover Katrin's face in fresh, hot sperm! Yves Morgan's big black cock subjects petite, shorthaired Lady Dee to serious interracial fucking. Russian brunette Jessica Lincoln joins teenage model Diana Margot in a rude backdoor threesome with Vinny. Aggressive buttfucking comes with raunchy rim jobs, slobbery ass-to-mouth blowjobs and a creamy cum facial. Young Latina Esperanza Del Horno takes on professor Alberto Petrosino, but Franco Roccaforte catches them in the act. Franco porks the sweet slut's asshole to explicit gaping, and he ejaculates into her open mouth.

分段 1/16



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