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濫交守門員 3

Abella Danger , Kristina Rose , Jill Kassidy , James Avalon , Whitney Wright

Swingers Getaway Vol. 3 When Abella catches the man next door having an affair with a strange woman, definitely NOT his wife, she's both shocked and aroused. She decides to tell the man's wife, a friend of hers, about his illicit affair. But she laughs it off saying she knows all about it. They have a unique sexual life style. They enjoy swapping partners with other equally libertine couples. Intrigued, she discusses it with her own husband, Chad and discovers he'd had thoughts about it, and a colleague of his, who's married to a beautiful young woman, even approached him about it. Now intrigued, Abella says she's willing to give it a try, and discovers she gets off on the idea of cheating with permission.

分段 1/13



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